10 Powerful Social Media Tips For Facebook

Let’s take a look at ten Facebook marketing tips that can change the game for your social media strategy.

Talk To The Right People

You know the importance of advertising the right product at the right time, but the critical thing to remember is the right audience. You could spend a chunk of your marketing budget on advertising a product to the entirely wrong audience and not only have you wasted your cash; you still have no progress. Highly targeted ads are the best option for focusing on the right audience and ensure success.

Get Engaged

No bended knee required, but you do need to learn to respond to your audience. Engagement is so, and if you’re the sort of company that doesn’t have the time to get stuck into the communications side of Facebook, a targeted social media agency can do this for you and help you to see a good response from your audience.

Ad Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!

Facebook advertising isn’t clear cut; as in, it won’t always work out in the way you expect the first time that you do it. You have to work out what your audience is looking for from you, and that takes trial and error to do that. There will be content that they simply don’t engage with at all, and rather than continue to put those out there repeatedly, you do need to create more than one ad and test them on your audience, analyzing the result and going from there.

Make It Count

What’s the use of the information going out onto Facebook if the information isn’t accurate or useful? People should be able to take one look at your advert and know precisely what you’re trying to say. Ensure that your advert reaches the right people and has your contact information – otherwise, there’s just no point!

Watch The Opposite Side

What are your competitors doing at the moment? Have you kept tabs on the way that they engage their consumers? You need to know what they’re doing so that you can learn how to set yourself apart from their campaigns. You can one-up the opposition; you only need to do competitor analysis on occasion to know how to do it.

Mind Yo’ Money

We all know that – generally – social media is free to use. You can post your products and services, engage with followers and get to know how your audience engages without paying for it. But you SHOULD be paying for it. Using Facebook ads marketing properly with a budget that suits you will help you to learn how many people your budget is reaching. Keep an eye on your cash, and you’ll know whether you’re making smart advertising investments.

Short, Sharp Videos

How many times have you scrolled past a cookie recipe being made and stopped for the 1:30 that it takes to film it? It’s got cookies, and you get to watch how they’re made, which makes for a mega enticing video right there! Your videos should be short, sharp and snappy, and they should be enough to create conversation and engage the watcher. People want to be entertained; entertain them!

Competition Time!

People love free stuff. Running a contest to drum up some engagement will mean you can give away free stuff. You’ll get more shares and likes, more comments and tags, all because you have a basket of freebies to hand out. Running a contest with an incentive drums up even more engagement.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Dogs acting like humans. Cats acting like babies. Babies acting like adults. Sounds ridiculous, but this is what makes people laugh. You don’t even have to link your brand to animals, but if you give them brand-related captions, you can make your audience laugh. Humour makes people share, which engages more and more!

Freshen Up

If you’re using the same ads over and over, you’re not going to get the interest that you want. Keep all of your campaigns fresh and use your budget wisely on new sets of content for a more refreshing approach.