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Reach a bigger audience and grow with Facebook ad marketing campaigns. There is so much you can do to get the right exposure for your business using the different campaigns options on Facebook. Find out how we can help your business grow from as little as $495 a month

Every marketer knows that it’s a critical piece of their marketing puzzle to be involved on Facebook. It is more challenging than ever to be the business that is standing out on social media. For one thing, almost every company out there is making waves in their own way on Facebook. For another, staying relevant in a digital world? Not too easy!

Facebook marketing has changed the way that we advertise products and services, and it would be foolish to ignore the impact that Facebook has on the consumer. There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook – whether for a smartphone or computer – every single day. Why wouldn’t you want a slice of that for your business?

RESULTS AGENCY will deliver results within 30 days of activation or we will work free until we do*

* Every Facebook campaign is different and therefore what we guarantee is based on what we promise to deliver. This will always be put in writing by our team in your personalised proposal. We do not accept all work if we cant deliver results we will let you know upfront.

1. Your Audience is on Facebook

Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users and did you know that their users spent 40 mins average a day, unlike other social media platform. Advertising on Facebook might be the right platform to grow your business.

2. You can reach specific audiences for your business through ad targeting.

Facebook advertising provides lots of option to reach specific audiences based on their behavior within the platform. You can select the right audience to target with your ads by identifying users engagement within the platform. This includes tracking the types of pages users like, what they share or comments engagement, demographics, location and more. This allow ads targeting to run accurately and only show to the right audiences your business needs when you advertise.

3. Facebook Ads continuous to improve

Facebook is constantly adding more features and enhancing user experience for their advertisers. This is the big reason why Facebook continuously grow bigger and loved by everyone, it’s always providing more value not just to users but give chances for small businesses to compete with large businesses to grow through advertising.

4. Advertising is very affordable on Facebook

Yes! running a Facebook ads is very affordable, you can set your budget how much you want, with minimum of only $1/day budget. You set your budget from the start, and Facebook will automatically stops showing your ad when you hit the amount of budget you have set. The higher your budget, the more users you will reach.

5. Facebook Video ads could be the game changer.

You’ve probably noticed the increase of video ads every time you watch video on Facebook news feed. This is because majority of people prefer watching than reading content.  Video ads might the best choice if you want to grab potential customers attention more effectively.

6. Facebook has great reporting analytics.

Facebook is limitless when it gives you reports and analytics about the performance of your ads. No need to guest or learn what’s working and what is not. This will help identify what ads works best and where you should spent your budget more or not to.

7. Ads retargetting

Yet another way to reach the right audiences on Facebook is through re-targeting or re-marketing. This let you show your ads to Facebook users who previously visited your website, used your mobile app, or gave you their email address. Data shows, these people tend to convert into sales most of the time.

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