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Without Google, your online business isn’t going to be discovered by your target audience. It’s like having a bakery that bakes the most amazing fresh bread and delicious cakes that nobody knows about. Dominating Google should be high on your priority list as this is the only lucrative way you will make money online. Upon launching your business you might have thought all your hard work was done, but there is still a lot you can do. A decent income can only be achieved with a lot of time and effort; you will need to give your full attention to an array of optimisation methods in order to see results. Two fundamental strategies to look closely at are SEO and Google Adwords now Google Ads. These methods are digital marketing gold dust that will help you to make the most of online advertising platforms. Overall, your goal is to increase traffic and improve your visibility on the internet.

Google Adwords – A Powerful Platform

Google Adwords should never be ignored as part of your marketing campaign. This is Google’s most popular advertising platform, which provides adverts to users when they search for specific terms, products or information. If growing your business is your goal, Google Adwords is the place to start. If you’re still unsure how this can benefit you, the following advantages might sway your opinion.

1. Google Adwords Can Grow Brand Awareness

Instead of television, radio, and newspapers, Google Ads are where it is at if you’re looking to build awareness around your brand. It is a revolutionary and relatively inexpensive way of getting your marketing messages out to your target audience. The adverts will always target the right demographic of people too, as users will be actively searching for keywords related to your business. Also when targeting your own brand the cost per click is relatively low and the campaign is much easier to set up and manage.

2. Google Adwords Gives You the Edge

Online businesses can struggle to stand out as there is so much competition. Google Adwords gives you the edge over your competitors so you can strive to outrank the ads of your close competitors. Always be checking our your competitors and their offers to make sure you have the edge on the market. Can you set your campaigns so you appear in the same locations as your competitors?

3. Google Adwords Can be Quicker than SEO

SEO is awesome but as it has got harder and harder and more time consuming to get customers to rank for meaningful keywords, Google Ads can be an answer. Google Adwords are fairly instant and will get your page to the top of search engine results more quickly.

A combination strategy approach is always recommended.

4. Google Adwords Will Drive Conversion

Why pay for Google AdWords, because when you do you are handed a lot of powerful tools that just don’t exist with SEO. Tools made to help you convert your traffic into business and get better results. As more traffic enters your website, there are more chances of users making a purchase or becoming a potential customer. As long as you have the right calls to action and a smooth, professional but simple landing page or website, you will find it easier to drive conversions with Google Adwords.

We always say “Make it simple for customers to do business with you and you will do more business”

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