Check Your Competition Before Advertising!

Beat your competitors

This may seem like an obvious thing to do. But many businesses do not do a thorough check on their competition before advertising their own product or service which can then lead to their downfall.

I won’t lie. This is very important, and imperative to your ads offer.

Let’s talk about what your competition is offering your clients and target audience.

What are their specials and seasonal sales? What are they offering your audience that you aren’t? Before launching a successful Facebook lead campaign you need to have an exciting offer! Something that grabs your audience’s attention straight away. You need to steal their attention from your competitor! We can say with all confidence that the offer is the most important part of the campaign. We can’t emphasise enough how important the offer is in any SUCCESSFUL campaign. Without it… your campaign will fail.

So… where do you start?

First, you have to understand what your competitors are doing, what they’re offering on their website, on Google, and on Facebook & Instagram. By doing this, you’ll figure out if your product or service is overpriced, underpriced or worse; outdated. Learn about your competitions offer. Compare their brand to yours. By doing this you will not only produce a quality offer, but it will be more attractive, more affordable and better presented than your competitors. 

Now, let’s introduce something you need in your life before you start advertising. This is a very powerful tool we use before creating ANY ads for our clients. 

It’s called Ads Library.

Imagine if you could look at your competition’s live Facebook/Instagram campaigns, see their content, see their offers, and understand their direction. With the Ads Library, you can. Go on, click on the Ads library link and start your competitor’s search to know how to make your offer the best! 🙌

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