Grab Your Viewers Attention in 1 second with these Advertising Methods

Ok, so, you’re creating a Facebook advertisement, and you have 1 second to catch your target audience’s eye. How do we go about this? I’ll tell you.

Obviously, there are a lot of different advertising methods that can be used to grab your viewer’s attention. Some are famous for their quirky-ness of their ads like the Harmon Brothers. I’d recommend visiting their website, just for a laugh, all for research though.😉 You’ll get what I mean by quirky. This method definitely leaves an impression and sticks in the mind of your viewer.

However, given that we don’t all have the budget to create and film amazing ads ourselves, I’ll tell you the methods that work just as good when done right.

Headlines To Stir Curiosity

This method is very commonly used, and also, very effective! It captures the attention of the viewer, enticing them to click on a link and then read more about the subject. You could ask a shocking question, make an outrageous statement, provide an unusual idea and a lot more! This type of headline can really bring about an interest in your audience and it can also encourage them to act quickly to take action. This is one of the essential principles of driving traffic to your website.

Eg. Are your indoor plants harming your cat… ? 

Getting Their Opinion & Vote 

People love giving their opinion on a subject, and love voting for things. Let’s use this. There is always something of interest, no matter how small, for any topic. If you use this technique, your audience will vote and share their opinion with your targeted audience, therefore creating an interest in your topic and making the readers want to take action. In this way, you can get the maximum amount of engagement and interest in your product or service.

Eg. Do you prefer Pizza or Pasta as your FAV Italian food?? 

Engagement and Interaction 

The more interaction there is, the better will be your chance to generate the traffic you need. The more audience attention you generate the more likely it is that your customers will become repeat visitors. This is very important when it comes to traffic generation and it has been used by many businesses to increase the number of customers they have. It can be done by using videos, podcasts, forum posts, chat rooms, asking your audience enticing questions etc. It can be even easier and cheaper if you hire a professional to do the job for you.

After reading these tips, I hope you have a clearer understanding of what methods to put in place for your Facebook advertising to grab your audience’s attention straight away, and I hope you come back to us with feedback on how it went too! 

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