My Facebook Ad Has Been Rejected. What do I do?

What To Do When Your Ad Gets Rejected

Ok, So you’re Facebook ads been rejected. (OR if you’re reading this and it hasn’t been rejected, then this blog will prepare you to prevent this from happening!) Before I tell you the 3 things to do, before even CREATING your ad, we recommend reading Facebook’s Advertising Policies. This is what your ad will be subject to in Facebook’s review process. Trust us. As an agency with years of experience in the field of Facebook advertising, it will save you a lot of time and wasted energy on trying to fix rejected ads, if you just read this first. 

In saying this, if you have or haven’t read this policy and your ad is STILL rejected, here are some things you can do. 🙌 

Edit Your Ad ✏️

Facebook would have sent you an email on why your ad was rejected. Use this to edit and adjust your ad until it is inline with Facebook’s rules. An example of why it would be rejected: Your advertising promotes alcohol, but your targeting is youths under 21 in America. Solution? Change targeting to over 21s. 

Appeal the Decision 📖

If you can’t edit your ad or feel that the decision not to approve the ad was a mistake, you can appeal the decision with Facebook by using this form.  

Have you checked your landing page? 🤔

There could be some other reasons as to why your ad is getting rejected, such as your landing page could be not fully functional, it might not match the product or service promoted in the ad, or the landing page itself doesn’t comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. 

After implementing these and saving your edit, your ad will then go through the Facebook Review Process again. Let us know if these tips worked, and if you have any questions contact us at support@resultsagency.com.au.

Note: It could be that for some reason Facebook won’t allow you to edit the rejected ad any further. If this happens, find out why it isn’t allowing you to do this by visiting your Account Quality dashboard

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