Why Facebook Isn’t Working For Your Business.

We’ve had several people say this to us, so we thought we’d make a blog about it.

Facebook doesn’t work for my business.

Do you know how many times we’ve heard this in our career? I want to shine a bright light on something for you; Facebook isn’t Mark Zuckerberg, it isn’t a bunch of humans sitting around a screen looking at your posts and videos. It’s a computer, an algorithm trained to do a certain task. 

What does that mean? 

Well, what do we know about computers?

Can a computer do anything without a human telling it or programming it to do a task? The answer is NO!

So the FACT is; many of you have had bad results with Facebook because you are asking Facebook to do the wrong thing for you.

  • Example: Imagine you wanted to save a document on your computer but you kept on pressing the delete button, would you ever save that document?

Let me break this down for you.

You have a Facebook page. You put up a post and hope to get as many likes as you can…and guess what….that’s exactly what you’re going to get…..a few likes.

You put a funny video on Instagram and hope people watch it….guess what you will get a few people watching it.

Do likes, comments and views pay the bills? No. They don’t.

You need to ask the Facebook computer for what you need….


Is there such a button? There is!!!

This is what it looks like. Have you seen this before?

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