Get Free SEO With This Tip

Get FREE SEO with this little tip!

To do this though – You need to have a google listing.

If you don’t have one – By golly – Get one!

Hopefully, you have a lot of reviews: Any google listing that has reviews is viewed at a higher level from google. You get better results because google knows these reviews shows your business is real and active. These are really good signals to Google that it should be on the front page!!

Another important thing is replying to every good review you get.


It’s showing google your active and alive, but what it also let’s you do is put some services you do! These are keywords that google is looking for! The keywords you put in your response start to rank for your business.

It’s a snow ball effect. The more reviews you get – the better you look to google, your clients, and also gives you the opportunity to respond and add more of your keywords in and that gives you an even higher ranking for those keywords.

SO – go in now, respond to all your reviews, make sure they are natural and make sense to get some free SEO. If you don’t have reviews or a google listing, do so ASAP and make it part of your business process to get reviews all the time! 

As always, If you need a hand, reach out to us, we are more than happy to help!

If you’re a more visual person, we also have done this tip via youtube: Check us out 👉 https://bit.ly/3cvxl2C

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