Have you heard about the new Insta & Facebook Shop?!

Yes. Things just got easier. Easier to sell, easier to buy.  ✨

To put in practice Instagrams and Facebook “Sell from anywhere” push, they are now introducing Facebook and Instagram “Shops” for Social Media Online Shopping at it’s finest, totally customisable and totally easy. I’d suggest getting your business on board, NOW.

What can you do with this new update?

  • Customisable collections to showcase your featured products
  • Have a single shop experience that works on both Facebook & Instagram
  • Design features and creative tools helping you bring your brand to life!

Instagram and Facebook are sites that billions of people visit each day.🙌You’re crazy to miss this social media market. The popularity of this site has seen a great number of entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals starting up Instagram and Facebook shops. The great thing about getting your shop on social media is that Instagram and Facebook ALREADY target those whose interest is in your products and places you where similar products are. 

Another good thing about having an Instagram and Facebook shop is that the products being sold can be displayed on a website and these sites also allow people to buy them. The website can be updated frequently so people have access to the product and the potential for profits is much greater too if you’re managing your shop on a daily basis. 

One more advantage of using an Instagram shop is that the site itself is super easy to market. The main selling point of the site is that it allows the customers to interact and share their ideas with others. For example, a person can upload a photo and then see other users commenting on it. By using the comments on the photos as the main selling points of the product, you can attract more customers to buy it.

We want you to keep your online sales growing and growing. Jump onto this and get your business in the running lead. 🏃‍♂️🥇

Go on and get ahead of your competition:

DESIGN your shop to reflect your brand’s identity 🎨

Get GLOBAL reach so people can discover your products at scale 🌏

Drive DISCOVERY and meet customers where they’re already shopping 🛍

Communicate DIRECTLY driving consideration and higher sale rates 🙋‍♀️

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