Drive people to your website with Facebook’s Traffic Campaign.

What is a traffic campaign? When you first click the ‘create’ button to create your campaign, there’s a lot of different objectives to choose from. For this article, the objective is driving traffic to your website. That is your goal for your traffic campaign. A great thing about creating a traffic campaign is that you’re hitting a few birds with one stone. It helps to drive people to your website, increase your brand and online awareness, generate leads and make some sales too! 

A well-developed Facebook campaign consists of three levels: The campaign, the ads and the ad group. One of the first things you should do in designing your Facebook traffic campaign is to decide what message you want to convey through your ad. For example, if you want to target younger people, you should target these people’s likes, interests and hobbies. Eg, trendy clothing, fitness, cheap educational courses, etc. It may not always be easy to get into the minds of other people, however, there are so many tools available out there to help you find what everyone’s looking for today! There are websites that target the largest use of hashtags to know what’s trending, there’s facebook’s audience insight tool to know what age and gender more suits your product or service. All this is available to you for free. Just look for it! 

When creating your ad, make the headline enticing for viewers to actually click on the CTA (Call-To-Action) button that then takes them to your website. Remember, when people are on Facebook they don’t go there just to leave again and be redirected to a website, they go on it to stay and view pictures of their friends, look at memes and socialise with others. SO, you need to make your ad eye grabbing and your offer so enticing that viewers have no choice but to click on your link and go visit your awesome website. 

Want tips on making your ad eye-catching? We have a blog on grabbing your audience’s attention too. 😉

Another tip is to remember to read your ad carefully before you run it on Facebook to make sure that it is formatted properly and coincides with facebook’s advertising rules so it doesn’t get rejected.

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